Tourist Organization RAŠKA

Tourist Organization of Raška municipality was founded on 01.01.1993. as a public institution of Raška municipality.

Basic activities of the Tourist Organization of Raška are:

  • promotion and development of tourism in the municipality of Raška;
  • co-ordinating activities and cooperation between economic and other subjects that directly and indirectly effect on the development and promotion of tourism.
  • providing and improving of information and advertising materials in the aim of the promoton of tourism values, printed publications, audio and video promotional materials, online promotion (internet presentations, social networks), digital activities, souvenirs, etc.
  • organization and participation in the organization of tourist, scientific, professional, sports, cultural and other events and manifestations;
  • organizing the work of tourist information centers;
  • mediation in the provision of domestic work services and the rural tourism household;
  • management of tourist facilities in the municipality of Raska that have been transferred in use by tourist organization (Villa Ras, Villa Raška and Ski Lodge on Kopaonik and balneological bath in Jošanička Banja).

Tourist information center


The Tourist Information Center Kopaonik is the place where one can obtain all those pieces of information about the accommodation capa­cities, current events, the Mountain’s catering and gastronomical offer, and gain access to different attractions accompanied by visual and interactive methods. In the Info Center, there is a souvenir shop, in which tourists have at their disposal promotional materials, brochures, restaurants’ and hotels’ flyers; there, they can also purchase unique handmade souvenirs and decorative articles with the motifs of Kopaonik.


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Villa Ras

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Balneological bathroom