Trail race Kopaonik and 3 sides of Kopaonik

For the lovers of nature and sport on Kopaonik, trail race “Trail race Kopaonik” and bicycle MTB race “3 sides of Kopaonik” are organized in July. Participants depending on readiness, can choose one of two races. For those who are more willing, there is “15K Kopaonik”, that is, the race track for 15 kilometers. For those who try for the first time in running through mountain-forest areas, there is “7K Kopaonik”, or a race of 7 kilometers. That Kopaonik is an ideal location for running off the trails, shows a gathering of a large number of runners from several countries in the region and from all over Serbia.

The MTB race “3 sides of Kopaonik” represents a unique cycling race and one of the most exciting marathons in our area. Covering the area of the National Park Kopaonik, the marathon runs through thick coniferous forests and forest meadows, making it a combination of forest roads, single track sections, beautiful and fast descent, as well as steep and exciting climbs. There are several categories: Small marathon / Couple race – 22 km, Middle marathon – 46 km and Grand marathon / Relay – 64 km. A manifestation that traditionally brings together sports and adventure enthusiasts has become a symbol of a good bicycle gathering, but also enjoying numerous accompanying contents such as organized excursions aimed at introducing the beauties of the National Park Kopaonik to visitors.

Organizer: Sport Association “Na sve strane”.

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