The event Days of Queen Jelena

The event Days of Queen Jelena cherishes the memory of the ruler and saint, Queen Helen of Anjou, the wife of King Uros I. In three days of holding in an original way it represents the culture, tradition and history of our region through cultural programs, old games and crafts. The event is held since 2006 year in the end of May and beginning of June. A series of several-day cultural and artistic events, such as art exhibitions, film projections, lectures, book promotions, workshops, concerts and children’s programs, which take place in Raška and the ports of the Gradac Monastery, become part of the cultural tradition of the city of Raška. Famous artists, writers, priests, actors, musicians, cultural and artistic associations participate in the event.

Organizers: Tourist Organization Raška, Cultural Center “Gradac” and sisterhood of the monastery Gradac.

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