Traditional Fair in Raška is one of the oldest fairs in Serbia. The first organized fair was held in 1860. Every year, during the holidays of the Holy Virgin, on October 14, Raška is host to many merchants and visitors from different parts of Serbia. In the days of the fair, the streets in Raška become crowded, people gather to sell and buy, to have fun, dance kolo (traditional circle dance) and to see each other.

Tourist Organization Raška from 2013, for the days of the fair opens the “Good host street – Domaćinska” and besides showroom program of numerous exhibitors and associations who present cottage industry, there is also cultural and entertainment program organized representing the tradition of our region.

“The fair was there, and on the fair there was…” diversified offer – handicrafts, paintings, various souvenirs, local products, toys for children, medicinal teas, “licidarska” hearts, music, dance and singing. And those who do not intend to buy something, the fair will not send back empty-handed, there is always something small to find, as a souvenir. For fair in Raška people say, “When one visits, comes back next year”.

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